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2020 -2021 PROJECTs


Atsushi Takenouchi Butoh performance and workshop (HK,2020 April)

竹之內淳志舞踏演出及工作坊 (香港, 2020年4月)



做有着「即興」意味的創作,不止需要一個淬錬的框架,還需要功夫了得的演者及敢於實驗的精神。舞踏 (Butoh)作品將以上三種特質完美演繹,今次特邀旅居意大利的日本舞踏大師竹之內淳志,將會分享舞踏技巧及創作心得,務求讓大家以舞踏作為手段去探索個人舞動創作的可行性及可能性。竹之內老師首次訪港,除了分享5天工作坊外,還帶來一個巡演歐洲的獨舞作品《Embrace》,萬勿錯過!

When we think about solo performances, those beautiful moments always associate with presence or being. The most basic and most crucial ingredient for improvisation was to follow the impulse, therefore with such a form, the essence of a human body remains and the performativity of a body ravels.  It is important to note that an impulse is not an idea, thought or plan, an impulse under this context, can be described as a “sudden wish or urge that prompts an unpremeditated act or feeling”. To be able to build on what is present roots in the fact that only available resources can be used for improvisation; and for a mover, the only available resource is the body and the working frame.


To make an improvisational performance possible, a dedicated frame, the ability of the performer and an experimental spirit are required. Butoh Dance Performances cope with these with their own disciplines, and they beautifully bend improvisation into a performance.  By introducing an Italy-based Japanese Butoh dance company - Atsushi Takenouchi JINEN BUTOH, hopefully to offer another possible way of solo performance making and also seeing. 


Last but not least, this is the first workshop and performance of Atsushi Takenouchi in Hong Kong, while he has been running JINEN butoh school in Pontedera (Italy) for more than a decade, dont’t miss out!

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