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體祭 Body Fest 2018  (台中站 Taichung)
Begin with Reconciliation
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This is a short intimate piece of touch, movement, form and performance arts. It is a bodily conversation between two females.

Our body is a room full of memories. And there are many mirrors inside the room reflecting our various self, whether you can or cannot see it. How much love we need to overcome our fear and injury? Our untouchable emotions. To let go our shadow in order to grasp it. We close our eyes, listen to our breath, and merge all the mirrors into one.

There is no inside or outside. No return to where we were. There is only present. This moment we remain close as before.

*Running time approx. 35 mins.

Creative Performer : Kiwi Chan 陳家蔚 &  Karuna Leung 梁惠敏

Videographer : Wong Sze Mei 王思薇

Presented by Life Model Club 體模社主辦

Wong Sze Mei

Statement written by Wong Sze Mei

A video depicting an emotional status of women in the process of their reconciliation with their own body. Female body is often considered as a battlefield of gender equality and independency. The distorted treatment of the video portrays the female’s mental split and struggles against the mainstream expectation. A closed and transparent glass room signifies the conservative, patriarchal panopticon to supervise female behaviour. Dancers tries to dance like a smoke in a room to represent the variable and transformative spirit. However, from the perspective of a viewer, a liberated female is often considered as a madwoman because of her refusal to comply the social role. Thus, the video tries to depict the uncanny and psychedelic sense of such.

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