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"like a bubble, like a dream”


floating upwards eventually to disappear into nothingness, thus is reality

Genre / 
Site-Specific Dance

Role / 
Year / 

“like a bubble, like a dream” is a tactile emergence and movement alchemy through tentacular cohabitation. From drifting in the vast nebulae and arriving onto the foamy crest of oceanic waves…bodies tracing, edging, unfolding. As an indeterminate defining surface of metamorphosis and exchange, morphing into the dancing shadow play of the leafy depths, shape-shifting with the curves and holes in the earth, meandering alongside bushy lure, and communing amidst glistening seashore, a transfiguration is taking place amongst flowing vessels in entanglement with boundaries and borderlines. It is here, in our gestation, we give up the apotropaic and offer the secrets of our inner sanctum. 



作品類型 Genre:Dance Film 

長度 Duration : 17 min 

【By Liane Mah】

“From the lotus of creation rises the anima, the goddess of creativity, the spirit that infuses all beings and gives rise to the passion that fuels love, sexuality and all procreative forces. The lotus takes its origin in the depths, the landscape of dream and vision, soaring into consciousness along with its beauty of thought and fragrance of the imaginal garden beneath the scene.”


“like a bubble, like a dream” is a telling of the tenuous nature of a procreative union.  Behind the gossamer veil of illusion, transfiguration of a mystic bond is taking place. In the moment of inspiration, Daikini prepares to release her soul bird, muse and inspirer of all visions. She clasps the fish, the denizen of the deep and teller of tales. It is the fish whose words give flight to the soul bird, and it is the song of the soul bird that communicates with waking consciousness and drives the passion to create the gifts of the goddess. The bird of discovery is about to take flight to proclaim its fate.



【By Kiwi Chan】 






創作及演出 Creative and Performance 

陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan & 馬子恆 Liane Mah


作曲 Composer 

Thomas Vinton


攝影指導 Director of Photography 

李芷媚 Jess Li


攝影團隊 Photography Team

何知穎 Ho Chi Wing

陳雅慈 Chan Nga Chi Catherine


服裝設計 Costume Design

Ankie Au Yeung



宣傳設計 Publicity Design 

Stephen Ho

主辦 Organiser

Kiwi & Zenzero Studio

贊助 Sponsor

香港藝術發展局(藝發局) Hong Kong Arts Development Council

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