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Improviser  / Movement Artist 
The Angler Fish & The Chinese BulBul
A Site-Specific Dance Exploration byLiane Mah X Kiwi Chan
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Site-Specific Dance
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As two recent newcomers of the island, we aspire to deepen our connection with the land, its culture and people as well as the greater eco-systems, through weaving together our internal and external landscapes. It is a process of re-rooting, with a deepening sense and exploration of the “breathing body” as a flowing vessel with boundaries that are open and as an indeterminate defining surface of metamorphosis and exchange. This dialogue is a creative, shape-shifting entity that needs gesturing and expressing in reciprocal encounters of tension, communication, and commingling. The organic unity of this dialogue is shared in the corners and coasts of our beloved island, one that we can so joyously call our homes.


Find us along Peng Chau ferry pier on the opening night of the festival, and in Mui Wo ferry pier on 27th March between 11-1pm.


兩位舞者斷聯三載,數月前以新島民身份重遇,多個週末橫渡往來坪洲與梅窩重新連結。小島生活相比大島的一切更在地,人、景與生態為我倆的生活注入生氣,這次相遇容讓我們重生交織內外風景。過程有如「移植」,有機的靈感重塑這副呼吸的軀體,一同練習打開的姿勢,以溫婉而不失堅定的心經歷身體蛻變的無常旅程。豐富的對話打破一己的慣性,在聆聽之際施予,在施予之間聆聽,是一個互為的創作過程。逾越語言自身的界限,在張力之中尋找溝通的可能與不可能,梳理出一套屬於我們的身體語言,在小島上不同的角落共舞,重回大地母親的懷抱,體現這千絲萬縷的「歸屬感」 。


Liane Mah (aka Yiu Yiu), movement artist, somatic practitioner, nature’s faith keeper, has been passionately exploring embodied movement within and without and is particularly interested in the process of ‘rewilding’ modern society through the deepening of mind/body relationships. Her work is guided by somatic, psychology, neuroscience, deep ecology, and buddhism, while her love for nature informs her way of being. She believes it is important to reconnect with one’s roots through cultivating a strong and intimate relationship with the land. As a recent newcomer of Mui Wo, through listening to the lost language of plants, the Art of Foraging is a practice to deepen her connection with nature and to ground herself in place.



Kiwi Chan, theatre maker, movement artist and creative producer, whom creations focus on Butoh, experimental theatre, and site-specific dance. Creations are both her passion and struggle; she craves to explore various possibilities. She enjoys the dilemma of body, Butoh and Contact Improvisation have been her biggest inspiration since 2012. She believes that Butoh is not only a dance form but a philosophy. Being an indie Butoh artist, her concern is about metamorphosis, what she wants to seek is “somatic resonance”. She devotes herself to contemporary theatre, as she believes that performing art is the best field for sharing the presence. As a recent newcomer of Peng Chau, through reconnecting with her inner self, what ignites the creative sparks.

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