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Butoh-inspired Creation
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過去兩年都沒有發表作品, 但有認真生活。這個演出的初衷是整理過去幾年的體悟, 從而尋找新的可能。一直都想做個情理兼備的小演出, 亦都想做一些動作的小實驗, 所以在一年前找來Frieda嘗試以身體溝通去探索自身的可能與不可能。


這不是一個宏大的演出, 我希望這個製作是一個作品而不是一個成品; 作為我旅程的一個中轉站。


Is it possible to apply probabilty to life? What is the possibility of meeting someone in between destinations? What is the probability of saying "no"? What is the possibiliity of acceptance? How to make a "relation" possible?








This is a show about "we" reconnect to the world by releasing the somatic memories. "The way in is the way out." A traumatic childhood event interfere with encounters on a train heading to somewhere, somewhere in between life and death, a theatre. 


A theatre, where moments are shared, so as life. In this disconnecting modern life, we desire to touch the reality, while the reality is a mist. 

概念 concept/演出 perform:陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan

演出 perform : 陸肇欣 Frieda Luk

音樂 music : Linda Tong、Les Fong、艾山 Aishan

燈光 light /舞台監督 stage manager : 陳岱昕 Dawn Chan

服裝 costume : 文浩賢 Hofi Man 

視覺 visual : 陳穎 Wing Chan 

拍攝助理 assistant photographer : 王思薇 Wong Sze Mei

助理舞台監督 assistant stage manager : 陳樂昕 Lowing Chan 

門票設計 ticket design : Verna Kai

宣傳片 Trailer:Alvinsing

劇照 Photo :嘉霖 Kalam



演出場次 Performance 


Perf # 1 Nov 10 (Fri) 9pm 

Perf # 2 Nov 11 (Sat) 6pm

Perf # 3 Nov 11 (Sat) 9pm


Venue: Thy Lab (135 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po)



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