PINCH VIDEO 001 | Butoh Dance  

Creative Concept & Production

by Stir Production


Artist : Kiwi Chan

Producer : Yu@Stir

Creative : Stir

Copywriting : Yu@Stir

Director  : Kalun@Stir

Photographer  : Benny@Stir

DOP : Little4

Gaffer : Yin

Production : Stir

Colorist : Yin

Vo Talent : Karen


An independent artist and creative producer, whom creations focus on Butoh, experimental theatre, and site-specific dance. Graduated from Inter-cultural studies (MA) of The Hong Kong Chinese University in 2013.


Creations are both my passion and struggle, crave to explore new possibilities. I enjoy the dilemma of body, Butoh and Contact Improvisation have been my biggest inspiration since 6 years ago. Butoh is not only a dance form but a philosophy. Being a young emerging Butoh artist, my concern is not about to display myself or to show technical feats; is about metamorphosis, what I want to seek is “somatic resonance”. I devote myself to contemporary theatre, and believe that performing art is a good mean of sharing emotions and thoughts.



Possi/Proba-bility is a physical movement lab set by Kiwi with Frieda in Jan 2017. This lab is to experiment texture, structure and extension of movement. This lab at first aimed at researching possibility and probability of movements, exercised a way of “Embodiment”. Thus then this is also a name of a performance in Nov 2017.

Recent productions included: The Wrong Suzie (Dec, 2018), Crimson Appetite (Aug, 2018) and Possi/Proba-bility (Nov, 2017) , which are Butoh-inpsired theatre productions.

Co-Founder of a theatre group named Finding C Theatre (2019), curated a project series "Turn of Wrestling Tables"Series, to investigate “the power struggles between sexes”. We hosted a thematic workshop at Anti-Sexual Violence Resource Centre in July, and created a devised theatre work in December 2019.


2013 - 2015 projects included: Co-artistic director of Norma-phobia, productions included I am (not) a Butoh Artist (2015), BiLoom 2.0 (2015) and BiLoom (2014). Co-Founder of a experimental theatre group named HerStory Polygon (2010 – 2015), current production Eat Me A Body Secret by HerStory Polygon (2015). Other productions included: script writer and director of video work Muggle Lost In the Maze (2015), Curator for sound-tour City-hunt for a Cow (2014), co-director of experimental video work The Grey Sooth (2014), performed in Bodylab: Peek-a-Boo (The 13th Macao City Fringe Festival), produce and perform in HK Butoh Festival 2013: WHB?! etc.

​Kiwi CHAN

Photo credit : Dwan Chan

畢業於香港中文大學文化研究系碩士,現為自由身創作人,涉足舞踏、實驗劇場及環境舞蹈。除了創作,亦備有籌備藝術行政、製作及策劃經驗。 剛完成作品《The Wrong Suzie》(2018)、《紅色的食慾Crimson Apetite》(2018)及《無關種種Possi/Proba-bility》(2017)為類舞踏小劇場製作。為異式形態聯合藝術總監,製作包括,異式形態《我(不)是一個舞踏藝人》(2015)、《兩生2.0》(2015)及《兩生》(2014)。


近年參與製作包括, 她說創作單位《能吃的身體袐密》、策劃聲音之旅《尋找城市中的牛牛》、編導2015草根電影拍攝計劃短片《夢遊土瓜》、聯合導演實驗錄像作品《幽微關係The Grey Sooth》、Bodylab製作澳門城市藝穩節的免費劇目《大人之繪本》(2013)、策劃及監製《HK Butoh Festival 2013:  舞咩踏?!》等。

2011年與友人集結為青年實驗藝術團體「她說HerStory」,團體關注社會及性別議題,參與製作《月事說》(2012)、《N個被XX的革命現場》(2012)、《饕餮圖》(2012,前進進主辦「末日牛棚異境」展演節目)、《七個猶太小孩》(2013,街頭讀劇演出)。2013年與反性暴力資源中心Anti-480合作,於大專院校及中學巡迴演出編作教育劇場《愛非愛》,同時參演風雨蘭及Anti-480主辦之《你聽我說的身體故事:性別/暴力藝術展》(2013)、關注婦女性暴力協會委約《身體航海誌:月事說》(2014)戲劇演出、集體創作短劇《2046/被蕭紅了的名字》(2014) 參與南區文學節。





Photo credit : Siu Ding /Jesse Clockwork / Kalam / Jasmine Forest / Will Lopes
Dive into Navel 2.0_3.jpg

Performance Footage

My Butoh-inspired Solo

Dive into the Navel (2015) 

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 2.54.05 PM.png

Video Art

Work with Videographer

Possi/Proba-bility 2017  Bodyscape



A site-specific dance piece

A Grain of Sand

27 Sep 2018@Long Ke Wan


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