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Apart from Mind


陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan  X 打邊爐創作室 Dabinlo Lab

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Experimental Theatre

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《轉念之間》 - 「沉浸式劇場體驗配以虛擬實境」




是次製作班底跨媒界,為突破傳統戲劇製作模式作好準備,以創作類舞踏小劇場的陳家蔚加上多媒體藝術家打邊爐工作室為創作骨幹,配以嶄露頭角的音樂人關家傑和形體演員作內容,更特邀英國團隊「AΦE」 作技術顧問,期望給多予觀眾一個不一樣的劇場體驗。



Apart from Mind – “Immersive theatre experience with Virtual Reality”


Reality television which showcases unscripted real-life situations is popular, while Apart from Mind is a virtual reality theatre experience. This show invites audiences who are so used to perceive the reality through the screens, immerse yourself into an apartment, through Virtual Reality to travel across time and space, as to experience a dialogue of a couple.  The non-linear story is going to unfold by segment, all you perceive is moment by moment. By rephrasing those moments, hopefully you can see a second thought.


In order to explore VR theatre, the production team is composed by cross-disciplinary artists. The core is made up by the Butoh-inspired theatre maker KIWI CHAN and Multi-media art group DABINLO LAB, while the content involved an emerging jazz musician ALAN KWAN and movers. A Ashford-based dance company AΦE who is invited to be the technology consultant in order to bring forth this immersive theatre experience.

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